Giveaway Details
(You won't want to miss out!)
Everyone Wins
We're excited to announce our first book giveaway, and the best part is everyone's a winner! All you need to do is send us a short video of yourself using one of our spiral-bound books and telling us about your experience with it. It can be as simple as holding the book open and flipping through the pages while sharing your thoughts. 
A Free Book of Your Choice
We're looking for videos that showcase the practicality and ease of use of our spiral-bound books. We want to show potential customers that our books lay flat and are perfect for hands-on activities, note-taking, and more.In exchange for your video, we'll send you a free copy of any one of our spiral-bound books of your choice! Plus, we'll feature your video on our website and social media channels to show others how our books can benefit them. 
How to Enter
Here's what you need to do to participate: 
  1. Record a video of yourself using one of our spiral-bound books. Share what you love about the book and highlight its practicality and ease of use. 
  2. Upload the video to Instagram, Facebook, or another social media/video hosting platform 
  3. Tag Us using our handle 
  4. We'll review your video, contact you and send you a free copy of the book you requested!
Where to Tag Us
Thank you for considering participating in our book giveaway. We can't wait to see your videos and share them with others! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.