4 Diets to Kick Start the New Year

4 Diets to Kick Start the New Year 

After way too much turkey and roasties, it seems that everyone's goal in January is to lose their holiday weight. It's the perfect time to set goals for the upcoming year, which goes hand in hand with starting a new diet. However, that's a lot more easily said than done! 

There are now countless diets to choose from that all claim to be the best, but the truth is, not every diet is suitable - the best one is the one that works for you. So without overwhelming you with a long list of diets, here are 4 very different approaches so that you can see which type best suits your lifestyle. 


Whilst almost every diet concentrates on what you should be eating, fasting puts the focus on when you should be eating. After each meal, our bodies burn through the calories we've consumed, and once they're gone, it starts to burn fat. As we're fasting, our bodies are able to burn more fat, leading to significant weight loss. But it’s a little more complicated than simply not eating for a couple of hours, and there’s a safe way (and an unsafe way) to do it. 

Intuitive Fasting, written by functional medicine expert Dr. Will Cole is an excellent guide to making sure you're doing it right! It teaches you the most effective methods, the health benefits associated, and how to reset your metabolism. It also features a 4-week flexible plan and 65 delicious but healthy recipes to devour when you're not fasting.

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The Mediterranean Diet 

While rich in flavor, the Mediterranean diet is well-known as being one of the healthiest. Countries like Spain and Italy have some of the highest life expectancies in the world, so they must be doing something right! Based on using fresh, whole foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans, and oily foods like fish and olive oil, it’s refreshing, delicious, and super healthy.

The Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Solution is the perfect recipe book to kickstart your diet. It includes heaps of information on exactly how the Mediterranean diet is healthier than others, how it can help you achieve and sustain significant weight loss, and how to establish long-lasting, healthy habits. Best of all, it includes a 4-week meal plan plus exercises to give you a head start!

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The Ketogenic Diet

The keto diet has become somewhat of a trend in the past few years, but unlike many fad diets, this one is here to stay. What makes the ketogenic diet so successful is that by switching up eating carbs for fat, you’re forcing your body into burning fat instead of carbs. Once your body has burnt off the fats from your meals, it goes on to burn the excess fat in your body, resulting in significant weight loss.

If you want to try out this science-backed diet, you couldn’t be in better hands than with the Simply Keto book by Suzanne Ryan. Inside, you’ll find all kinds of helpful advice on sticking to your diet, tips on how to shop for your groceries, over 100 simple and quick recipes, plus a 30-day meal plan to get you going. 

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Smoothie Cleanse 

Sometimes, simply starting a healthy new diet isn’t quite enough, and we need an extra push to kickstart our metabolisms, motivation, and results, which is where juice and smoothie cleanses come in. While they’re not recommended as a sustainable diet, they're an excellent way to jump-start weight loss. Smoothie cleanses have a significant emphasis on eating (well, drinking!) lots of fresh fruit and veg which provides you with tonnes of supernutrients, doing all kinds of good.

If you think you’d benefit from a smoothie cleanse to kick start the new you, take a look at the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse book by JJ Smith. The book includes example shopping lists, over 100 recipes, and a super informative section on your 10-day detox. It’s even got plenty of tips on maintaining your weight loss after you’ve finished your ten days.

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Best of all, these books come in a practical spiral-bound format, making them perfect for laying flat while you whip up that Mediterranean salad or green breakfast smoothie without losing your page!