Interested in Spiral Binding Services?

Lay it Flat which operates under BTW Global, LLC is a full-scale, professional bindery that specializes in providing an enhanced utility for a greater user experience.
  • Worldwide Logistics

    Lay it Flat utilizes multiple international fulfillment centers to ensure timely delivery 
  • Mass Production

    Our full scale operations can meet and exceed any level of demand
  • Quality Customer Service

    We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction


We work alongside the world's top book publishers and printers to provide the best experience for our customers. Our elite manufacturing process has produced over one million books and we continue to increase our volume as customers and companies really find value in the increased utility. When looking for the best quality spiral-bound books, customers and companies look no further than Lay it Flat.
  • Solutions that work together

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Fulfillment