Top 5 Gardening Books for the Summer!

Top 5 Gardening Books for the Summer!

Looking for a comprehensive guide to gardening that covers all the bases? These top 5 gardening books will help you get started – no matter what your level of experience. From beginner-level tips on how to start a garden, to more advanced guides on organic farming and Square Foot Gardening, there's something for everyone here. So whether you're a seasoned green thumb or just starting out, these books are a must-read for anyone looking to get into gardening.


1.) All New Square Foot Gardening (Buy it here!)

Square Foot Gardening is one of the most revolutionary ideas in gardening in recent history. Developed by Mel Bartholomew in 1981, square foot gardening has helped millions of people grow more produce in less space and with less work. Now, a brand new edition of Square Foot Gardening has been released, based on the input and experience of millions of gardeners. The new edition makes it easier than ever to get great results with square foot gardening, regardless of the situation.


2.) Straw Bale Gardens Complete (Buy it here!)

Have you ever wished you could garden but don't have the time, space, or ability? Enter straw bale gardening. With this unique and innovative method, you can garden anywhere, anytime, and with any condition of soil. In this article, you'll learn all about straw bale gardening and how to get started using this easy and convenient method.


3.) The First Time Gardener (Buy it here!)

Many people are intimidated by the thought of starting a garden. They think it's too hard, or that they don't have time. But with the help of homesteader Jessica Sowards, anyone can learn to grow their own food. Jessica is the warm and energetic host of YouTube's Roots and Refuge Farm. Her goal is to make your first food-growing experience a positive one, and she's prepared to go the distance to make sure tending the earth becomes your new favorite hobby.


4.) Raised Bed Gardening for Beginners (Buy it here!)


Imagine being able to grow your own vegetables and herbs right in your backyard, with no soil required! With raised-bed gardening, you can have a bountiful garden even if you don’t have a lot of space. In this guide, we will show you how to get started with raised-bed gardening, no matter what your level of experience may be.


5.) The Vegetable Garden Pest Handbook (Buy it here!)


If you're a gardener, then you know that pests can be a major headache. Not only do they cause damage to your plants, but they can also be difficult to identify and treat. In her new book, Susan Mulvihill shows you how to handle pest issues by growing healthier plants, properly identifying the culprit, and nurturing the overall ecosystem of the garden. With easy-to-use charts, you'll learn how to identify common vegetable garden pests based on both the damage they cause and their physical appearance. This information is essential for keeping your garden healthy and free of pests.